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Last April I got fired from my office job. Strange as this may sound, it was actually something I had been wishing for for a while, so, I was reminded to be careful what I wish for.

I had been so unhappy for so long in the company and position I was working for, not to mention with my boss, that I felt nothing but relief and gratitude that I would never have to go back to that place. To quote a dear friend: I felt like I finally got my souls back.

All of a sudden there was time and space to explore what I really want to do in this life. I felt energy coming back to me that had been lost for such a long time, and I was really enjoying my new found freedom.

Shortly after I got fired we went on a family vacation. During this vacation I met several new people and one of the first questions one gets when meeting new people is: 'What do you?'. With 'what' meaning what kind of job you have. So of course I had to tell people that actually, right now, I wasn't doing anything. Job-wise that is.

And one day during this vacation I was walking the dog and caught myself thinking: what kind of value do I have now I don't have a job/career.....I am not really contributing anything. Thanks to years of training I caught this Self sabotaging thought immediately when it came up. I don't even want to think about the kind of negative train of thought I otherwise would have ended up following. Because in an instant I understood what is happening to so many unemployed people I hear saying they feel useless or desperate etc etc.

Sadly enough, these days our core value seems to be measured by, or based on, what we do for our living. Our 'job', as most people would say. Yes, there is a reason why I started this blog with saying I got fired from my office job. I happen to believe that I have more jobs than just that one. I am a mother, a partner, a dog owner, a teacher of the craft, so I can hardly say I had just one job. My 'job' doesn't depend on whether or not I get a pay check. My non-office jobs emerge from my core my essence, who I am, what I care about. I'll admit that sometimes being a dog owner is like job, for instance when it's raining cats and dogs. My dog still has to go out and I don't really feel like walking in torrential rains. My commitment to my beloved dog, however, arises from my core.

So, what did my office job have to do with my core? Honestly, not so much! Because for my core I have to dig deeper than just the surface that my jobs provide. Some of these jobs do tell something about the heart of this witch, others are only adding some kind of varnish. Luckily, I have done a lot of digging over the years, so that helped me to avoid the trap the over-culture created in terms of money-earnings jobs and self-worth.

Because that is what is happening. We are all programmed to think that if we don't have a business career we have failed. As if being successful in business is an indicator of how fully we have lived our lives. Sadly enough we live in a world where so many people have forgotten that there is more to life than improving your position on the economic ladder. A world where we measure the value of people by what brings them money; where mothers who choose to stay home to take care of their children are looked at as aberrant. Instead of looking beyond all that and see what someone's core is like. When we are aware of our true core, society can't exercise such influence on us anymore. We know who we really are and what our value is. And what our values are.

What is an indicator of successful living to me then? For me it means leading an honest life. By that I mean, living in proper, clean relations with myself and my core. If I do that I know who I am and what my value is, and I don't need to depend on other people's opinions of who I am, or a job, to boost my self-esteem. Leading an honest life is about knowing yourself, knowing what feeds you in more than just the physical way.

What would this world look like if more people would take the time and effort to explore their core? Would it help us to reach out to someone else's core as well? I certainly think it would, awareness creates understanding. And by having a better understanding of your own core it is easier to look beyond jobs, careers and other surface-level varnishes in other people.

So what do I want to say with all this? Yes, I am preaching to get to know your core and own it! Sit with it, explore it, dare to plunge in the deep well that is your core! Not only will this lead to better understanding of yourself and others, it will also be a huge step towards greater power, and strength. You will find that when you know your core it doesn't matter so much what other people may think or say because you know who you are and what your value is.

May we all shine in beauty and power!

by Suus


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