Our Mission
Priniciples of Unity

Our Mission

A witch's work is never finished... constant, active development builds magickal power.

The Witches at the heart of Heart of the Witch are initiates and practitioners of a number of traditions, including Reclaiming, Morningstar, Gardnerian.

Every one of us is passionate about being the best teachers we can be, and committed to ongoing personal training and magickal development. We are continually deepening and broadening our own knowledge.

This not only helps us in our souls' development, but enables us to offer an evolving roster of workshops, knowledge and skills to pass on to other witches on their path. Our mission is to provide on-going, technically-sound, and inspiring magickal tutelage to witches on all paths.

We feel that magick must be practical in the real world:
The contemporary witch doesn't live in a cave. All of us have practical lives: we are parents, entrepreneurs, office workers, lovers, students, teachers, and family members. We change diapers, ride the bus, pay the bills, make the dinner, change the oil. And we have our own allurements: learning to drum, making a painting, listening for a poem, looking for our permaculture farm. It is a lot to reconcile. But this is our Work.

All of the Witches at HotWitch believe it is our job as magickal workers to join our practical lives and our desires with our magickal practice. This is how we build magickal muscle, real Power. That 'applicable' quality is at the heart of our workshops and other offerings.

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