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The Peacock is Calling....sacred synchronicity


In the past 12 hours, the Peacock – that symbol of pride and beauty and self-love , that God of integration – has insinuated Himself, in all his unsubtle glory, into my life.

Sometimes it’s difficult, or we’re not willing, to look at life’s synchronic ‘little events’ as meaningful. The word that your eye picks out of an advertisement, the name you think you hear being called when the neighbour’s cat squalls, the Tarot card that ‘accidentally’ falls to the floor…next time it happens, slow down for a moment and listen. Often it’s confirmation that something you’ve been wondering about needs your attention, or your action.

Now, back to the Peacock. Not just a bird of such astonishing beauty that my little Sticky One wants to do a dance when I see an image of Him, but a God – one of many names, Melek Taus for those of the Anderson Feri Tradition – who shows us the divinity of loving ourselves radically. Unconditionally. With passion.

He has come to me in three quite un-mystical ways, which is how I know I REALLY have to pay attention: Last night on the phone with a non-magickal friend who counseled me, “Think about peacocks and let yourself be like them, really beautiful and proud and just spread your feathers!” Twice this morning: once, reading our very non-magickal newspaper. Suddenly a local village has an influx of peacocks. A small tribe of six peacocks. Unexpectedly. That’s a lot for Oud-Beijerland! Then I started reading my emails, and found one from a dear and again, quite unmagickal friend in the States. Subject line:’ Not very subtle!’  The image of the peacock wedding dress posted here was the message.

I'm going to do something with this synchronicity. Today, I’m going to love – no, adore – myself. Flaws and all. It’s what makes me whole. I will rise like the Peacock in glory, tempered by the hand of Love. I will remember what another dear friend, of Persian descent, told me: ‘In Farsi we say “The peacock has ugly feet”’. And maybe in recognition of all this, I will get a pedicure. With peacock-blue polish.

What are the signs and symbols in your life? Anything recurring? Could it be your Gods and your Guidance trying – not very subtly – to tell you something?

by the way, I've tried finding the proper credits for this gown. apparently it was created at a peacock farm in Linyi, China, the result of 2 months' work and more than 3000 peacock feathers gathered from more than 200 male peacocks. 

by Fortuna


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