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T. Thorn Coyle

Raven Edgewalker

 is a British Witch who currently lives in the magical landscape of Somerset, close to Glastonbury with her large and devoted hound. She has an on-going and passionate love affair with trees, ecology and the natural world, and the magic of building connections. The Celtic Tree Ogham is her favored divination tool, and she has spent many years listening to its trees, studying it and working with it, and telling the stories the trees whisper in her ears and tangle in her hair.

She has been working, studying and teaching in the Reclaiming tradition for over ten years and is an initiate in both the Reclaiming and Anderson Feri traditions. One of her passions is to travel and she is delighted to be able to combine this with another - her passion for teaching: She loves to travel and has taught courses, classes and Witchcamps internationally including in the UK, Germany & Finland, as well as online classes from wherever she happens to have traveled to with her laptop, and plans and hopes to make many further trips as well as offering teaching closer to home.

When not gallivanting round the world teaching, Raven is a self-employed artist and crafts-person - she is often to be found in the workshop, covered in sawdust and twigs while making ogham staves, runes, wands and other such delights, in the studio with wire and stones and beads creating jewelry or hunched over her sewing machine. She is a sometime professional ogham reader, writer and poet and general jack-of-all-trades as the need takes her.


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Tarot Counseling

Fortuna is pleased to offer Tarot counseling via email, SKYPE, on the telephone or in person.

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