Tarot Counseling

If you’re reading this it’s likely you’re a magickal practitioner yourself.
So – what can a Tarot reading/counseling session do for you?

It can help you sift through the seemingly thousands of options Life presents to you each day, pointing you toward the choices most in line with your purpose and needs.

And when you feel you have no choice at all, it can open the door to the fact that there ARE options for you, helping you to regain courage and energy and a sense of self.

Above all, a Tarot reading can shed light on the strengths and weaknesses that may have been hiding in your personal ‘blind spot’.

Fortuna’s foundational deck is the Thoth Tarot, but she may include other divination tools and methods. And you may even get some ‘homework’ assignments! A Tarot reading/consultation by Fortuna will take about an hour.

More about Fortuna's Readings in her own words:

I view the Tarot (and the Runes and other divinatory methods) as being a tool to open the door to psychic perceptions that can help others. The readings I do may be very practical, or they may represent something more ‘mythical’ – the grand story of someone’s life unfolding.  Often the information received doesn’t have to do with the original question, but emerges from what the querent needs to hear.  
I became fascinated with Tarot at a young age. I bought my first Ryder Waite deck at age  9; over the years the decks came and went, nicely-decorated victims of my dilettante nature. Finally I became a Witch, and the tool of Tarot found consistent presence in my life. 



Costs: 50€. Whether done via email - which I actually prefer as I'm not as easily 'swayed' as in person! - or in person or via SKYPE, the basic reading is around an hour but generally will expand to 90 minutes. Email includes some 'back and forth' to refine the results of the reading. 

Language: Currently available in English and Dunglish.

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All our events have a strict no alcohol & no drugs policy.
Rituals & workshops are no substitute for therapy.

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