Our Offerings
Imbolc 2012


Heart of the Witch is offering several ways of teaching their workshops to make it easy for people to find what suits the needs of your community best:

  • Join one of your scheduled workshops in Germany, The Netherlands and the UK
    Check out the calendar-section for all our current offerings.
  • We are happy to come to your community
    Heart of the witch members can come to your community and teach the workshop you are interested in. We can work with local student teachers. Please contact us via the contact-form  about this.
  • Join an online class at Heart of the Witch
    Our online classes are currently done via e-list. Expect regular homework well as check-ins. Keep an eye on the calendar-section for upcoming online classes.


Have a look at the different topics and themes for workshops that the members of Heart of the Witch can offer to teach. ...more

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