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7 Talents Tarot Spread in Honour of Lugh and Brighid

Are you celebrating Lughnasadh/Lammas this year?

As a F(a)eri (e) Priest living waaaay on the edge of the village, so to speak, I don’t attach to any formal celebration of the Wheel of the Year.

But I’m delighted when Mystery sparks a spontaneous creative celebration – and in this case Lugh has been shining His light on me, with Brighid looking on, banking her fires for February .  (I’m in the Northern hemisphere. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere please reverse these dates!)

The story of Lugh the Many-Talented  has been a thread in many of the readings I’ve been doing for folks lately. How can we recognise and combine our personal talents – and as my friend Kate has reminded me, ‘talent’ is also a word for ‘coin’, an ancient currency – mediating them in a conscious way? [I will add that the rune Gifu/Gebo shines bright in many readings I’ve been giving too, the ‘solar cross’ where our personal gifts – our talents – are given and bring a wealth of gifts to and from others. When we know our talents and give them freely, the world is transformed.]

When the Gods say they want something reasonable, I say ‘yes’.

So I am pleased to present:

7 Talents Tarot Spread in Honour of Lugh and Brighid**

On reading reverses:  If you do it, do it. So reversed cards or ogham would likely bring into meaning, the ways that a talent is not being/cannot be expressed (currently) – this could be a person, or a quality that needs to be recognised and activated.

Position 1: East (Right side of Centre)

Dawning Talent – on the cusp of coming to light. May be an idea or ideal or system that ‘lights up’ your life somehow. Element of Air.  May be a quality that is needed so that all your talents can begin to rise.


Position 2: South (Just below Centre)

Shining Talent – the noon sun, a talent brightly illuminated on every side, no shadows are showing (yet).  The moment of glory, passion for the talent. ‘This!’ Element of Fire. May be a quality that is needed so that you can connect to your will and passion.   May be that burning feeling in your gut – what’s missing?


Position 3: West (Left hand of Centre)

Maturing Talent – a time of transformation, the evening star, the gentle quench of sunset over the sea. What emotive, intuitive messages are we receiving through our talent? Do we need to bring them out from the womb, into the light of the world? Element of Water. Do we need rest, renewal, cleansing before the push to manifestation? Or do we need the surrender that comes before dissolution?


Position 4: North (Above Centre)

Manifesting Talent – a platform for talent, midnight, the body, health, manifestation, prosperity, the unbreakable laws of life and death, fulfilling our ancestors’ dreams, bringing our talent fully into the world. Element of Earth. The project is finished; the sad post-talent period of loss and dissolution as well as the celebration of work that has been accomplished.


Position 5:  The Great Above (Above North)

Expanding Talent – What is expanding? Is it a quality, a desire, a business? This is the place of inspiration as well as growth: the stars are speaking to you, flowing through you. What talent do they bring? No Element, but the position of Above. How do you shine in ways you’re not even aware of?


Position 6: The Great Below (Below South)

Hidden Talent – What talents have been hiding, waiting to come forward? What talents do you not want to acknowledge? What kind of resistance/despair/apathy is keeping the deep fires of Below from emerging and being expressed? No Element, but the position of Below.  In the next 6 to 12 months, what talent will be emerging? What must be burnt away?


Position 7: Centre of the spread

Mediating Talent – How do you balance these talents? What do you have/what is needed?  Where are you right now, in terms of your awareness/acceptance/enjoyment of your Talents, known and unknown? How, like Lugh, do you stand up for your many disparate talents forming a unique whole?

Centre and Circumference are the same. So how do you contain every talent, as well as generating every talent, at work in your Life?


Revisiting the spread at Brighid:

(Again, I am being Northern Hemispheric.  Please lovely antipodeans, reverse this…)

Revisiting the 7 Talents Tarot Spread six months after your initial reading – for example at Brighid, 2 February by the calendar, when preparation for new growth (of talents!) is just occurring – should be a good way to connect with what is on Her forge!

I feel the Centre of the spread is where this Forge is – how you will, in the coming Winter months, use your tools to actively purify your talents and ‘bring them to the table.’


PLEASE NOTE that the beautiful image here is one of the cards from The Wild Wood Tarot: Wherein Wisdom Resides by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, illustrated by Will Worthington. Full information at their website thewildwoodtarot.com

**This spread is also suited for runes, ogham, and non-traditional divination packs (Osho, Angel Cards, Medicine Cards, Faerie Oracle, etc.) and I invite you to adapt it to your preferred form of divination.    

by Fortuna


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