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Who we are

Here are the people of heart of the witch. Four dedicated spiritual seekers from Europe and the US. Our mutual spiritual home is the Reclaiming Tradition from which each one of us branches off to their personal path.

We invite you to learn a bit more about each of us:

ChelidonChelidon   Chelidon is a devotee of the bardic arts, including the skills of word, rhythm, story and song, and holds deeply sacred the creation of time and space for the infinite diversity of truths to be shared. ...more
Fortuna2Fortuna   Fortuna has been a magickal seeker since she was very young. Somehow she was led to read about Edgar Cayce, Madame Blavatsky and Sybil Leek - shouldn't she have been playing with her Barbie instead?Since 2007, Fortuna has had the great good luck to teach and priestess Reclaiming-style witchcraft in Europe and the UK, to work one-on-one to help magickal people in their development, to continue to develop her own magick with various teachers from various streams, and to work as a divinatrix and Tarot counselor. ...more
RavenRaven   Raven Edgewalker is a British Witch who currently lives in the magical landscape of Somerset, close to Glastonbury with her large and devoted hound. She has an on-going and passionate love affair with trees, ecology and the natural world, and the magic of building connections. ...more
susan Susan   Susan Moonroot lives in wild West Wales. She has been a witch as long as she can remember, and has been studying and working in the Reclaiming Tradition since she stumbled across it over 25 years ago. Susan is an initiate of the Reclaiming-Feri line, a writer, craftswoman and gardener who delights in teaching and creating ritual with her local community (and also further afield when she gets the chance!). ...more
SuusnewSuus   is a Dutch witch who has been fascinated with magic her entire life. As a child she thought life was filled with mysteries, and guess what, it is!
She was lucky to grow up in an environment where there was room to explore these mysteries. After exploring the rational side of life thoroughly for a while Suus returned to her first love: magic.


Our friends

These people are not only our beloved friends - they are spiritual practitioners and teachers we fully trust and respect. And as such we regularly invite them to teach with heart of the witch.
Learn more about these wonderful people:


ThornT. Thorn Coyle   An internationally respected teacher and mentor, she is the author of Kissing the Limitless and Evolutionary Witchcraft and hosts the Elemental Castings podcast seriesl...more
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