Detailed Celtic Ogham Readings / Online

The Celtic Tree Ogham is a divinatory system much like the Runes - it is especially suited to those who have a strong connection with the land and especially with green-growing things, it is less common than the Runes, and as such very few people are able to offer readings in this way.

Raven has been offering Ogham readings to the public via her eshops for several years now and is delighted to offer them via Heart of the Witch.

With this reading you are able to ask Raven a specific question about a situation or for a more open reading about your current situation and the energies surrounding it.

Your reading will involve 7-10 staves depending on what you are asking, and you will receive a detailed write-up of the reading by email within 5 days of contacting Raven. Each reading is unique to you and to your situation and generally takes Raven 1-2 hours for the reading and analysis.

Cost: €25

Language: This is currently available in English. German translation available upon request.

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