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T. Thorn Coyle

Susan Moonroot lives in wild West Wales. She has been a witch as long as she can remember, and has been studying and working in the Reclaiming Tradition since she stumbled across it over 25 years ago. Susan is an initiate of the Reclaiming-Feri line, a writer, craftswoman and gardener who delights in teaching and creating ritual with her local community (and also further afield when she gets the chance!). 

Life keeps her busy running her own business and caring for her partner and their menagerie of cats and chickens, but in her spare time she loves blogging (http://moonroot.blogspot.co.uk), taking photos, painting, mask-making, practising permaculture, knitting, studying the runes and tarot, walking the land, visiting sacred sites, aromatherapy and growing and using herbs. Magically speaking, she is deeply interested in eco-magic, working with the ancestors and descendants and grounding the magic in our everyday lives.
Susan passionately believes that we are co-creating the world around us from moment to moment and that our thoughts and choices and actions are more powerful than we dare to believe. This is the foundation from which she lives her life, both magical and mundane.
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