Who we are
T. Thorn Coyle


 is a devotee of the bardic arts, including the skills of word, rhythm, story and song, and holds deeply sacred the creation of time and space for the infinite diversity of truths to be shared.

He believes that we each live and carry unique tales -- and that in sharing our stories through drum, voice, ritual, music, or other Art, we connect with our timeless human birthright and inheritance, and add our richness to the Great Tale we all share. His other loves include history and mythology, herbalism. brewing and alchemy, and art crafted with wood, metal, stone, chocolate or pixels.

Most of his inspiration comes from the ferocious, lascivious beauty of nature, especially the wild woods of New Hampshire, USA, where he lives in intentional community with much-beloved family, children and friends, on deeply magical land they delight in sharing with others for workshops, classes and camps.

Chelidon has been teaching magic in the Reclaiming tradition at Witchcamps and many other events for more than fifteen years, and pulls his own spiritual and magical craft from a long diverse chain of heritage, study and practices.


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Tarot Counseling

Fortuna is pleased to offer Tarot counseling via email, SKYPE, on the telephone or in person.

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