Priestess Mentoring

Ongoing Programme

Our offerings of classes and workshops are wide and varied, taking one or many will aid and support your work as a priest(ess) and witch.

We often find that the work that we do over the course of a weekend workshop is easy and exciting in a dedicated space with other magical practioners to support us. However this work is only really the beginning, the first step on the path if you will.

The real work, along with it's struggles start when we return home to our families and communities and have to start to learn how to integrate the work and lessons into our everyday lives, along with all the other demands on our time.

This is not easy!
And all too often we can feel unsupported and intimidated. Thinking that we have taken on too big a piece of work and we allow ourselves to drop it. Each of us at Heart of the Witch has been through such struggles, and we have often spoken about what could be different.

We are delighted to be able to offer mentorship to any of our students after any of classes held by members of the Hearto of the Witch - we are able to be on hand to answer questions that you may have about the work after you've gone home, to offer support and encouragement along the way, and to offer an understanding ear when you need it.

This is not a training-course with the intention of conveying specific priestessing skills. This mentoring-programme focuses on the needs of the individual student and the questions and skills specific to the workshop(s) that have been taken.

This online-class is open for participants of workshops offered by members of Heart of the Witch. Please be aware that this class cannot cover workshops given by guest-teachers of Heart of the Witch.

3 months of this priestess mentoring is free, starting within 2 weeks of a workshop taken. Beyond these 3 months further mentorship is possible if you desire it. Please contact us on this.

You will be expected to check-in every 2 weeks. You will receive comments, challenges & support in response and as required.

Language: This is currently available in English, German and Dutch.



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